Born in Athens.
She was for many years member of the Greek National Team of Track and Field.Champion of Greece in High Jumb and 100m Hardles. Holder of numerous national records, as well as national and international titles and awards.
She gratuated in Science of Physical Education and Sports at the University of Athens.
She speaks three languages: French, English and Spanish.
Professional Details
1984 to 1996 :
International Career in the Fashion Industry.
1996 to 2003 :
Publisher magazine with women and social issues.
Political career
2004 to 2007:
MP for the A’ District of Athens.
State committee of Tourism and Health and Social Solidarity.
She was Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group, Greece – Korea.
Member of the Friendship Groups with Romania, Jordan, Uzbekistan and France.
Participated in the following committees:
Special Standing Committee on Equality and Human Rights.
Special Standing Committee on Environment Protection.
Special Committee on Educational Affairs, which deals with issues of Culture, Education and Sport.
Associate’s Administration Volunteerand non-governmental organizations.
November 2012 until now

On 12 February 2012 she disagreed with the policy of the New Republic Part by voting against the Memorandum and related laws and deleted by decision of Antonis Samaras.

Remained independent MP and a little after then with 9 others deputies created the first Parliamentary Group of Movement « ANEXARTITOI HELLINES» (Independent Greeks).

She was elected first Member of Parliament for the District of Athens with the movement of the » Independent Greeks » in the elections of 6 May 2012 and the repeat elections of 17 June 2012 .

In the current parliamentary period is Responsible for Parliamentary Accountability Tourism.

Social activities
Mrs Kountoura develops strong social and philanthropic activities in Greece and abroad. She is President of the organization «EUROPA DONNA HELLAS», which deals with the prevention and awareness of breast cancer, and claiming rights to better services for patients with cancer.
She has also been honored for her support in spreading the Greek Paralympic Volunteers , while in December 2007 she was honored by Greek Goverment as a Goodwill Ambassador for Social Volunteering.